Does Diagnostic Clinic of Longview accept most insurance plans?

Yes. Most major insurance plans are accepted at all Diagnostic Clinic of Longview locations. We will also file your claim for you; however, any co-pays, deductibles or non-covered services must be paid at time of services rendered. We also accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover card and American Express. Participation with your insurance will be verified by the office when an appointment is scheduled.


What services are available?

Diagnostic Clinic of Longview providers treat lacerations, injuries, infections, flu, pneumonia, chronic disease management, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease and many other health concerns, as well as perform pre-employment physicals and drug screens at certain locations. We offer such as x-rays, blood counts, pregnancy tests and rapid strep tests.


Do I need an appointment?

Patients need to make an appointment at all locations except Diagnostic Clinic of Longview QuickCare. An appointment is needed to better facilitate your time and reduce wait times. Most locations offer same day appointments. Diagnostic Clinic of Longview QuickCare is a walk-in clinic and requires no previously scheduled appointment.


Do I have to pay at time of visit?

Yes. We accept patients with insurance and self-pay patients. In almost all cases, some payment is required at the visit, whether it is a deductible, a co-pay or payment for any non-covered services. The amount, if any, depends on the insurance carrier.


Do you accept patients without insurance?

Yes. We accept self-pay patients and provide a 20% discount for self-pay patients who pay at the time of service.


Do you see children?

Yes. We treat patients of all ages from newborns to seniors at our family practice locations and our minor care. In addition to treating acute medical problems in kids (such as colds, rashes, ear infections, broken bones, etc.), we provide well-child care and are able administer all recommended immunizations.


Do you provide preventative services for women?

Yes. We provide a full spectrum wellness care for woman, including pap smears, pelvic exams and breast examinations.


Can I bring my whole family here?

Yes. We love to see entire families. In fact, we believe that knowing the whole family and understanding family dynamics is invaluable to provide comprehensive care to the individual.


Do you provide school physicals?

Sports, camp and daycare physicals are offered at each location. Please call for current pricing.


Do you administer flu shots?

Flu Shots are offered to all, including children over the age of 6 months. No appointment necessary for established patients.


Do you have laboratory services available?

Yes. For your convenience we have on-site laboratory at every locations. We do a variety of point-of-care labs in our office, such as rapid strep throat screens and cultures, blood glucose testing, influenza testing, urinalysis, pregnancy tests, mono tests and more. Further labs and blood work are drawn on-site and are processed by a reference lab.


Do you have radiology services available?

At most locations, we have on-site radiology services. However, some locations use a central radiology department located in the building or at a near-by location.


Do you give immunizations?

Yes. We provide all standard immunizations including pediatric immunizations, tetanus shots, flu and pneumonia shots, and travel vaccines.


Do you provide annual exams?

Yes. We do comprehensive medical exams on males and females of all ages. We recommend that you check with your insurance provider to verify coverage as some plans do not cover preventative care.


Who is a new patient and who is considered an established patient?

A new patient is a patient who has not received any professional services from any Diagnostic Clinic of Longview provider within the past three years. An established patient is a patient who has received professional services from any Diagnostic Clinic of Longview provider within the past three years.


How can I find a physician within your network?

To find a physician in your network, please call 1-864-253-8064 and a representative will be happy to connect you to a physician within the Diagnostic Clinic of Longview. The representative will ask you a few simple questions about your health care preferences and then will provide you with contact information that meets your criteria.

You can also fill out the form here to have someone from our office contact you.


How long must a physician keep medical records?

Physicians must retain their records for at least ten years for adult patients and at least thirteen years for minors. These minimum recordkeeping periods begin at the last date of treatment. After these minimum recordkeeping periods, the records may be destroyed.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call (903) 757-6042.